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Vol: 015    Date: 05 Apr 2008

www.kaisilver.com   and   www.kaijewels.com . Are today considered to be the world's most reputed online jewellery providers. Most of our impressive buyer feedbacks come due to our refreshingly different approach to handling online transactions. It has always been our policy to educate and inform buyers. This section on the fire opal gemstone provides a rare insight into one of the most gorgeous types of opal. Allowing you to understand the features and properties of the fire opal gemstone, will permit you to better appreciate this beautiful gem. If you already own a fire opal ring or any other fire opal gem stone jewellery, the useful information regarding how to wear and clean your fire opal jewellery would be extremely useful.

Our buyers include fashion models, news readers, members of the U.S armed forces, hotel and resort owners, lawyers, doctors, surgeons, financial professionals and others from all walks of like.   Email us at sales@kaisilver.com for all your made to order gold or silver jewellery requirements. We believe in allowing a team of jewelry and gemstone experts to answer your queries. Sales talk is neither useful nor productive, sales hype is a one sided attempt by a vendor to bombard a buyer with unwanted details and is a waste of time. Educating a buyer is a better approach and is beneficial to both sides. Armed with better knowledge, the buyer is in a better position to make a well evaluated decision.

Fire Opal, Amazing Clarity And Attractive Color

Fire opal gets it's name from the flame like orange color of the gemstone. Your fire opal ring or other fire opal jewelry, could choose from a range of gemstone color tones. Starting with a pale orange color, the fire opal gemstone can also be found in a deeper reddish-orange color. If you are familiar with opals you will agree that, no other opal gemstone can have the high degree of clarity that is found in fire opal gems. It is rightly said that the clarity and brightness of a fire opal gemstone, make up for the lack of color flashes in this type of opal. Moisture in opals plays a major role in the beauty of the gemstone, this is true of fire opal too.

Fire opal gemstones, color of fire opal gems

The above image shows a few color ranges of the fire opal gemstone. It is generally noticed that, the clarity of fire opal gems decreases as the color of the gemstone moves into the deeper orange-red color tones. Moisture (in the gemstone) plays a big role in defining the beauty and liveliness of the fire opal gemstone.

Most of the world's fire opal is mined in Mexico, the area surrounding the extinct volcanoes are known to yield the best fire opal gems. It is therefore no surprise that Mexican fire opal, is the preferred choice for a fire opal ring or any other fire opal gem stone jewelry. When you are shopping for a fire opal ring, the main thing to ensure is that the fire opal gemstone is genuine, make sure that it has a good degree of clarity too. For normal gemstone sizes of 1 to 3 carats, avoid fire opal gems with visible cracks and fissures. These will not only diminish the beauty of your fire opal ring or other fire opal jewelry but also, make the fire opal gemstone more likely to break. If you are looking at a fire opal gem stone that is larger than 5 to 7 carats, you might have to accept some visible inclusions and flaws in the gemstone. Such big fire opals are best set in pendants where, the wear and tear is limited.

When it comes to caring for your fire opal gemstone or fire opal jewelry, there are a few things that you should know. If you are a true lover of opals, it is unlikely that these simple issues would keep you away from owning a fine fire opal ring or other jewel. Firstly remember that, fire opal gems contain moisture, this moisture is vital for sustaining the beauty of this exotic opal. You should therefore avoid doing anything that would cause the moisture in your fire opal gem stone to dry up. Do not leave your fire opal ring near a heat source, also keep the gemstone away from strong detergents and chemicals. Though the fire opal gemstone is not too soft, it could crack with physical impact. All opals are generally suitable for being worn as special occassion gems. Do not wear your fire opal ring when doing physical activity like cleaning the car, gardening, mending the fence etc. Your jeweler should know this but you might as well be aware too, when repairing opal jewelry it is a good idea to take off the gemstone. Complete the repair and then set the opal gemstone back in the mounting. This might not be possible in certain cases like opal inlay jewelry but, fire opal gems are never inlaid so the suggestion of removing the gemstone during repair should be followed.

Your fire opal ring could be made in gold or sterling silver but keep one thing in mind. A silver ring would tarnish, strong lotions used to clean silver tarnish could react with the fire opal gemstone and affects it's beauty. You should occassionally wipe your silver fire opal ring with a soft moist cloth, this will keep tarnish away and avoid the need for strong cleaning solutions. When it comes to choosing a yellow or white gold fire opal ring, the gold color is your personal choice. The orange to red color tones of fire opal gemstones look awesome in yellow or white gold. Just ensure that the gold or silver mounting for your fire opal gemstone, provides sufficient protection to the edges and corner of the gemstone.

Birth stone claddagh ring with fire opal gem stone men's fire opal ring

This is a splendid cladagh ring in sterling silver or gold, the center heart shaped gemstones is a bright orange fire opal gem stone. The claddagh ring is one of the most meaningful rings in history. ...more

The MAN18 fire opal ring is one of the few men's fire opal rings that you will find. The side gems in this gold fire opal male ring can be chosen to match the color of the center fire opal gemstone. ...more

Other Sections In This Newsletter Issue

Silver Rings And Silver Jewelry, No Need For Compromise:

It is true that silver rings and other silver jewelry has a large and loyal following. While millions of people wear a silver ring because it is cheaper than a gold ring, there is an equally large number of people who love silver rings for their sheer classic beauty. The prohibitive gold prices have significantly added to the sales of silver jewelry. At the same time, jewelers are still dreaming of the days when huge gold jewelry sales drove huge profits their way. Fortunately at Kaisilver, we have treated gold and silver jewelry orders with equal importance and respect. We have constantly stressed the fact that silver rings and other silver jewelry can have the same, quality, customization and gemstone options as their gold counterparts. You can see some high quality custom silver rings on our website at this link. Click for our collection   A clear demonstration that quality silver jewelry is possible, and is an excellent alternative for high priced gold jewelry.

Kaisilver, Online Security Blog

There was a time when buyers looked at all online sellers with great suspicion. Sellers were scared of meeting buyers that were intent on creating problems for the seller. With the gradual development of ecommerce, this fear between online buyers and sellers started to decrease. But soon there entered a group of fraudsters that were keen to make it difficult for both buyers and sellers. Online security threats unleashed by these fraudsters soon took the form of identity thefts. The modus operandi is to extract confidential login details regarding credit cards, bank accounts and other modes of online payment. The damage caused by these online frauds is real and the resulting financial damages can paralyze even healthy online businesses. The point that you should understand is that online buying and selling is a very useful and integral part of trading. All that is needed is for sellers to educate buyers regarding various online threats. But sellers fear that informing buyers of safe methods on the Internet, would scare buyers away. Kaisilver has decided to take the lead on this issue, we have constructed an entire blog regarding online safety and online security threats. The information is provided free of charge and is fast becoming, the preferred source for people to learn about Internet security.
Click Here   to access the most respected security blog maintained on the Internet. Help us create a safer and more enriched online experience for everyone, in every nation and across all nationalities. Forward the link of the blog to your contacts and let us together generate momentum to handle this problem.

New Product Section:

All jewelry is custom made in gold or sterling silver. The choice of gem stones is unlimited and each gem stone is handpicked and custom cut by our experts. You can choose from our designs or, send us details of your own designs. All design modifications are possible since we control the entire production process.

For Kaisilver, the issue of metal options for jewelry does not affect the quality of design or craftsmanship. We have constantly worked to increase the standard of high quality jewelry, silver and gold jewelry are given equal importance. The fire opal rings shown above give you a brief glimpse of what we can do for you. In this section we will highlight a few of our jewels, to allow you light your imagination. Remember that we allow you an unmatched degree of flexibility and customization.

Gold or silver cross pendant with gemstone.
Click The Image For Details

The PG1015 is a gorgeous cross pendant, this jewel can be ordered in gold or sterling silver. All the gems in this holy cross pendant can be chosen according to your personal preference. The cross pendant is shown here with a center citrine gemstone, at each corner are small genuine rubies. Like always, each gemstone is handpicked and custom cut by our experts. Visit the above link and you will see this cross pendant, and many others suitable for ladies and men.

Topaz pendant
Click The Image For Details

A stunning 30+ carat heart shaped blue topaz pendant. Choose from a swiss blue topaz gemstone or a very deep blue London Blue topaz gemstone. You can ofcourse order a yellow or white gold topaz pendant. The gemstone is eye clean, handpicked and custom cut. Our rare collection of blue topaz gems can provide you with a stunning heart pendant, gemstone weight can range from 30 carats to around 50 carats.

Gorgeous flower bracelet in gold or sterling silver.
Click The Image For Details

A majestic diamond men's wedding ring, available in white or yellow gold. The MAN56 diamond ring for men, combines style and affordability in a jewel that makes no compromise. The design is researched to create a spectacular glitter by, setting 4 medium size diamonds close to each other. Large sized diamonds are prohibitively priced, this men's diamond ring creates the effect of an extravagant diamond jewel at a modest price. The streamlined design packs a minimum of 20 grams of solid gold, enhancing the durability of the ring and also giving a firm mounting to the gemstones.

Tanzanite diamond ring
Click The Image For Details

The RG225 is shown here with one of the hottest gemstones in recent years. The fact that tanzanite is mined in just one location in the world, causes the supply to be sporadic and limited. The gemstones if found in a remote hilly area of Tanzania where, miners move hundreds of feet into the earth surrounded by dangers that are partly man made and partly driven by nature. The design of this tanzanite ring with diamonds, surrounds the center marquise shaped gemstone with small diamonds. Besides adding to the beauty of the tanzanite ring, these diamonds also protect the edges of the gemstone from side impact.

Thai Food:  Besides it's gorgeous gem stones and fine jewelry, Thailand is known for it's food. Visitors to this friendly nation have been impressed by the diversity and range of food. Many of them would like to try their hand at making some of these delicious Thai food dishes. Kaisilver maintains an exclusive website dedicated to Thai food recipes. In this newsletter, we introduce you to the super delicious Thai Green Chicken Curry. Click here   for the full recipe .

Social Responsibility:  Despite the fact that Kaisilver is situated in Thailand, the truth is that a large number of our buyers reside in the United States and Europe. We therefore feel that it is necessary to be aware of issues that affect citizens in those countries. We have received requests from several individuals and organizations to spread the word about a danger. This relates to leaving children alone in cars, the mistake seems trivial but the consequences can be life threatening. To give this issue the due importance that it deserves, we have put together a complete report on the dangers. Suggestions have also been made to reduce the chances of parents forgetting children in cars. Click here   for the full article.

Archives Of Our Jewelry Newsletters

Kaisilver is the preferred source for high end made to order jewelry and over 7,000 buyers in 17 nations choose us for all their jewelry and gem stone requirements. Our newsletter aims to inform and educate buyers rather than push them to make impulse purchases based on incomplete information. You can read numerous useful and interesting articles in every issue and refer to the archives at any time Click For Archives . If there is any specific information related to gem stones or jewelry that you need, please email us your queries at sales@kaisilver.com and we will have a team of experts respond to your emails. It is not necessary that you make any purchase to get the benefits of our expertise and long experience in this industry, because .....we are on your side.

About Our Jewelry

The sudden price jumps in the price of gold has left many jewelers stranded. The steady stream of gold jewelry buyers has slowed down. Working on good quality silver jewellery is something new for most jewelers. The huge profits from selling gold jewelry had so far kept them away from making silver jewellery. At Kaisilver the scenario is different, we have always been on the side of the buyer. We gladly accept even single piece gold or silver jewellery orders. The same set of dedicated designers, craftsmen and gemstone experts work on gold or silver jewellery orders. By providing an unmatched degree of flexibility and customization, we are an unmatched source for quality gold and sterling silver jewellery.

At Kaisilver all jewelry is completely custom made with high end craftsmanship and handfinished to perfection. This is true of our gold or silver jewelry. All jewelry can be ordered in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold with gemstones of your choice. 3,500 of the world's finest craftsmen and artisans work on all jewelry orders and our massive network provides us with direct and preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. All jewelry at our online store typically weighs around 50% to 60% more as compared to what others offer for similar design. This healthy weight ensures that the gemstones and diamonds are more firmly mounted and make the jewelry more sturdy and durable. You can also send in images of your favourite designs for us to custom make. Click Here for a more detailed profile of Kaisilver service and merchandise.

What Do Our Buyers Say?

...received ring yesterday as you promised. it is stunning, more beautiful than i expected. the design and craftsmanship are outstanding. thank you again, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. i will highly recommend you to everyone i know, and look forward to doing business with you in the future. your entire staff has been professional and you displayed a high degree of honesty and integrity throughout the transaction. thank your staff and your craftsman for their incredible work. please feel free to use me as a reference as a EXTREMELY satisfied customer. take care, i wish you all well. Lt. Colonel James William Brady USA, Ret. Beverly Hills, Florida
The ring arrived and it is beautiful. Thank you for such a wonderful job. I will be looking at your website over the next couple of weeks to place an additional order. Your workmanship and pricing is excellent. Thanks again, Dr. David Williams, U.S.A

Wow!!! Pendant looks even better than I imagined. Stone work is beautiful and the cross is more beautiful than the design I submitted initially to develop the piece. I appreciate the timely replies and expert advice turning my idea into a wonderful piece of jewelry. My wife is going to be very pleased with this family pendant.(Mr William Padgett, Leonardtown, MD) You my use my comments. Thanks, Mr. Padgett, William S. CDR NHC PaxRiver NAS , U.S.A

Hello again, I received my ring today; the timing was perfect -- my girlfriend's birthday is tomorrow. I could not be happier with the ring; if anything, it is even more beautiful than I had hoped. The workmanship is exquisite, and the gems are truly amazing. I cannot wait to see the joy on my girlfriend's face when I give it to her. Including the birthday card and pouch was generous and very thoughtful. Thank you for your kindness. I am delighted, and I intend to tell everyone who will listen about Kaisilver. :) I would be honored if you use any or all of my comments on your website. Thank you so very much. Mr.Paul Harrington U.S

Click Here for more buyer comments and you will realize why more than 5,000 buyers in 17 nations rely only on Kaisilver for all their high end jewelry requirements.

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